Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft xbox 360 have started the journey from the year 2005 by providing the generation with the different types of the games. The latest Microsoft xbox 360 have been made with the best design by its makers and developers to compete the previous designs and as well the designs of the other gamin brands.

Product design description:

This product has been made with the following parameters.

  • It has been made with the height of 2.9 inches
  • The width of the product has been set in 10.6 inches
  • The weight of the Microsoft xbox 360 product is a little bit over the 6 pounds.
  • On the latest model of this Microsoft xbox 360 there are only a fewer buttons.
  • On this Microsoft xbox 360 the silver power circle is here to represent the number of the controllers that are connected to it. Moreover depending upon the number of the controllers this product is able to rotate by making an estimated that how much console is estimated in it.
  • At the right side of the power circle on this Microsoft xbox 360 we have 2 usb ports.
  • Next to the usb ports there is a controller sync button on it
  • The design of this Microsoft xbox 360 has been made slim than the previous ones because of the complaints of the users.
  • There is a built in wifi in this Microsoft xbox product that enhances the importance of this product.
  • In total there are 5 usb ports in this product
  • The hard drive of this product has been designed with a memory of about 250 GB.

This is all about the features and as well as the design of this latest Microsoft xbox 360 that is here in the market for the people who have a best concern about the gaming.

What is good in Microsoft xbox 360?

Here we are going to describe the best things about this product. So the list of the pros of it is as follows

  • The design of this product has been made much smaller and sleeker.
  • The cooling of this product is consider to be better
  • The power tray has been made touch sensitive.
  • In addition to the power tray the disc tray also has been made touch sensitive.
  • The wifi option is built in
  • There are in total 5 usb ports
  • The onboard optical digital audio also makes this product the best one

What is bad about Microsoft xbox 360?

Here is the list of the issues that people don’t like while dealing with this product

  • Issue with the proprietary of the hard drive
  • Cumbersome power block issue
  • There is no cable for the hd gamming out of the box

Bottom line:

So, the best of the efforts of the developers of the Microsoft xbox 30 is here in the form of the product. Go for the buying of this product if are really attracted to the features that the developers of it have introduced in it.

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